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#AllThingsDelivered we specialise in delivering everything, so you don’t have to.

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We specialise in giving you back your time. We focus on making sure we can quickly and efficiently deliver your documents or items in the safest way. So you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Safe, Reliable and Lightning Fast.

We have strived to create a perfect combination of technology and real-world experience to create a platform that is perfect for even the least tech savvy.


Have documents delivered without the risk of something going wrong.


Whether it’s your first delivery or your 100th, we will make sure we exceed expectations.

Lightning Fast

We’ll move your parcel from A-B as quickly as you need.


An app designed from the ground up by professionals for professionals. Incorporating the latest technologies in one simple to use platform.

Customer oriented/

Track your delivery in real time and communicate with your Driver at anytime.

Day & Night/

Have your parcel delivered around the clock and on demand.


Competitive rates ensuring you get value for money.

/Innovative Technology

Seamless market leading technology to ensure a smooth delivery.


Our platform is scalable to adapt to any business needs.


Rain, hail or shine your goods will always be delivered!

Apply as a driver today. Start earning, now.

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Fastest Delivery

6 Minutes

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Get back to worrying about things that actually matter.

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Questions or queries are always happily answered. We're here to help, if you'd like to make a time to discuss how Postly can help your business, just give us a call or send us an email below. We'd be happy to help you through your first delivery!

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